We develop from simple web pages to advanced web solutions, with customized designs, fast loading, and suitable for all devices.

All resolved

Our service includes professional design, construction, hosting, technical management, and unlimited support so you can get the most out of your web presence.

Optimizations for optimal loading speed

That your website contributes to generate an image of excellence for your company.

Administration and housing

Avoid distractions from technical problems and focus on growing your business.

Improvements in content or functionality

We have one of the best teams of designers and developers expert in web solutions and maintenance.

Advanced implementations

One of our main strengths is the construction of web solutions, from the simplest to the most complex, compatible with all types of devices.


We install an educational method that allows the learning process to be carried out through any electronic device.

Virtual events

Complete and customized portal for your event, which replicates in the virtual environment the key experiences of face-to-face events.

Optional add-ons

Appointment management

An online agenda to improve your firm’s or practice’s image, client service, and time management.

Modernize customer management and improve time control with a fully customized automated agenda for your business.


Making the web accessible benefits both individuals and businesses.

We implement a toolbar on your website to give visitors with disabilities control over how they experience your site.

Some of our designs


One-time payment starting at $950

Professional design

Don’t settle for templates, we professionally design and customize your website based on your brand identity. In addition, we ensure that your customers’ experience will be impeccable from any device.

The best response speed:

Don’t let your potential customers get bored waiting. Our service includes enterprise hosting with advanced optimizations to make your website fly.

Blog and social media integration

Your website will be able to have follow and/or share links on social networks, integration with WhatsApp and blog with anti-spam comments.

Protection against DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks.
SSL Certificate.
We do not place transfer/queries limit for your Web.
WAF(Web application Firewall) solution that prevents intrusions such as SQL Injections among others.
Managed support in case of failures.
Anti-Malware and Firewall Security.
Product catalog functionality based on Woocommerce, with purchase, cart and checkout disabled and form integration.

Managed WordPress plans

Get 20% discount on hosting plans if you contract web development with us.

Be next!

More than 90 clients on 3 continents rely on our services.

Good working team ✌

We recently celebrated 2 years of collaboration with Xubium in various technology initiatives and we highlight the professionalism, commitment and level of service of all their staff, in addition to the various programs and tools they have. They have been instrumental in proposing and implementing innovative solutions and in the support they provide us continuously as a brand – undoubtedly great professionals.

Milo Vurbal Piaggio, CEO, Gen Digital

Awesome people 🤝

NeoCompute led the process of revisioning and rebuilding Ligmincha’s website from start to finish. Every member of their team was attentive to our needs, highly skilled and professional.

Rob Patzig, President, Ligmincha Internationall

Siempre atentos 🧐

Gracias al apoyo de NeoCompute, mi negocio despegó rápidamente. La experiencia en plataformas digitales se notó desde el día uno y potenció enormemente nuestra presencia en la Web. Su equipo de trabajo proporcionó soluciones a medida que ayudaron a plasmar la visión de nuestra empresa, además de un soporte constante y veloz en todos los aspectos técnicos. Es por ello que continuamos depositando nuestra confianza en Xubium y lo recomendamos altamente a nuestros pares.

Santiago Valdez, CEO y Fundador, La Molina Food Company

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