3 mistakes that drive customers away from your online store
If you are not reaching your goals with your online store, you may be making these mistakes.

Think about this situation: You’re looking for a product online and after a while you find it in an online store, add it to your shopping cart, and get ready to pay for it when the next question comes up:

Is this online store safe to buy from?

That same question is asked by your potential customers when they visit your online store, and it is very important because most of the time doubts about the veracity and security of an online store stop the purchasing process.

These are the 3 mistakes that make you lose customers online:

1. Not having an SSL certificate

When you go to a website, have you ever seen a “Not Secure” alert in the top left corner of the page? This is because the website does not have a digital certificate. Would you shop at an online store that says it is not secure?

A Certificate for SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows:

  • Ensure that there are no unauthorized interceptions in the communication between the customer and the online store.
  • Maintains data transfer integrity.

How do I manage an SSL certificate for my online store?

You have several options to have an SSL certificate for your online store, you can:

  • Use a provider such as NeoCompute, which manages your online store in a comprehensive way.
  • Use web hosting providers that integrate SSL.
  • Obtain and manually configure a digital certificate on your own server.

How to properly configure the security of an online store can be complex and require time-consuming research of information, reviews, etc… We recommend the first option and that your online store is managed by professionals.

2. Amateur or template design

Having a professional graphic design and personalization of the customer experience helps to generate more sales because they generate positive impressions about your brand. For example:

  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Credibility
  • Membership

Having a well-structured, attractive and easy-to-navigate online store will make it possible to turn it into a profitable business, that is why it is essential to choose professionals when building and managing it.

In order for your online store to achieve its objectives, it must have the following basic aspects:

  1. Professional design.
  2. Adaptable a dispositivos móviles.
  3. Corporate housing.
  4. Basic SEO configuration.
  5. Support program (comprehensive support).
  6. Response time less than 4 seconds.

Did you know that according to Jakob Nielsen it takes a user 3 seconds to decide whether a website is of interest or not?

This quick decision depends on having a well-analyzed and implemented web design in your online store.

3 Bad purchasing experience.

There is nothing that drives away your potential customers more than a messy purchase flow, without a good product search engine, with poor quality content, pages that don’t load or load slowly, etc.

Below, we explain the most common characteristics that produce a bad customer experience:

  • Slowness: Statistics indicate that after 4 seconds of delay in loading, your potential customers will lose interest.
  • Disorganized navigation menu or page content: The menu bar and the content of the home page are the main elements that your potential customers have to navigate and get to know your online store, so it is important that the sections are well organized and do not generate frustration.
  • No contact information: It is essential to have contact information where your customers can communicate to clarify doubts and concerns. In an online store it is also key to have integration with WhatsApp Business to respond quickly to your customers’ questions so that any doubt does not interrupt their purchase flow.

How do I improve the shopping experience in my online store?

It’s important to use a powerful and adaptable content management system, plus an e-commerce platform that has significant market share so you can add features over time. At NeoCompute we work with WooCommerce: it is easy to use, but getting the best performance and reliability from both WordPress and WooCommerce requires an advanced set of skills. The design and implementation of your online store should contribute to the good image of your company through a properly implemented, hosted and maintained website, with relevant institutional information, modern design and support for mobile devices for the whole experience offered. A good shopping experience generates a strong emotional connection with your client and that will help you generate more sales, follow you on social networks, subscribe to your newsletters, etc. At the beginning of 2023 in Peru there are approximately 14 million online shoppers, and the popularity of eCommerce will continue to rise.

Why create your online store with us?

Because you get a world-class online store, you won’t have to worry about technical issues, and we give you unlimited support to get the most out of the platform.

Our eCommerce service includes professional graphic design, construction, hosting, technical management, and unlimited support so you can get the most out of your online store.


The most important thing: implement an online store with professionals. In addition, you have to have statistics, focus on evaluating them, and contrast them with your commercial efforts to increase sales, the effectiveness of your investments, and identify opportunities for improvement. All NeoCompute customers have access to advanced statistics for their online stores.

Fernando Covecino
Founding Partner

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