4 key reasons to take advantage of the cloud
Considering the evolution of cloud computing, the reasons for all companies to adopt it have become more concrete.

Gartner, the most recognized analyst in the IT world, indicates that more than 62% of small and medium-sized companies are using cloud computing; and 33% are planning to do so.

Backup of critical information

43% of computer attacks are directed at small and medium-sized companies. One of the clearest areas in which the cloud benefits these companies is by providing backup of information that resides on PCs, laptops or servers (contracts, reports, files, complete databases, images, etc.) and that can even be taken in real time. Manual processes and own infrastructure are no longer required. For example, in our enterprise cloud service, information is automatically backed up as users work in their synchronized folders.

Peak business activity management

Companies in a variety of industries have business cycles that increase the demand for resources at specific times of the year, such as those that sell online. If systems were unresponsive, customers would not be able to conduct business at the most important times. The same applies to manufacturing, when high-demand cycles require operations and accounting systems to respond appropriately. Meeting peak demand with in-house infrastructure is very costly and impractical. Cloud computing solves this by providing capacity that can be activated only when required, while the cost increases or decreases according to demand.

Remote work

Beyond online conferences, there are tools that allow group project management, collaboration of ideas and editing of documents as a team, allowing workers to be productive even while traveling or from home. This is also important because it breaks down social-work barriers, allowing companies to implement more inclusive policies, integrating employees who have small children or people with physical disabilities. In the long term, a telework strategy supported by cloud-based productivity tools can bring significant reductions in costs, travel time and office space.

Big data, artificial intelligence and IOT

Although Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been used mostly by large companies, businesses of any size can generate and leverage large volumes of data. Now the cloud makes these types of solutions available to companies of all sizes under finished services and pay-per-use models, allowing them to benefit from new trends to make decisions, build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Enrique Valdez
Founding Partner

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