Digital transformation and the modern workspace
For midsize companies, one way to quickly and effectively make inroads into digital transformation is by adopting what is called a Modern Workspace.

Organizations are making vast investments in technology and this trend does not escape small and medium-sized companies. However, SMEs have a greater challenge in the transformation process due to the cost and complexity of this change. Nevertheless, thanks to the cloud and Software as a Service (software that can be leased on a per-consumer basis similar to telephony and energy services), mid-sized companies can access state-of-the-art technology very quickly and at an affordable cost. Examples of some of the most useful and practical technologies that characterize the Modern Workspace and enable fast and low-cost implementation are:

Space for files

Stored and secured in the cloud, allowing company employees to work collaboratively, sharing information and comments securely internally or with business partners and customers.

Corporate mail

With company or organization domain, shared calendars and contacts 100% synchronized and available from any place and device, fixed or mobile.

Platforms for collaborative work

That enhance the teamwork of companies, allowing them to organize and manage projects, initiatives or activities in a collaborative, agile and social way. NeoCompute facilitates the digital transformation process of medium-sized companies and Startups by offering very practical, low-cost and quick implementation solutions, which can be adopted by users to increase their productivity and work in a secure way. In that sense, our enterprise cloud based on NextCloud offers the technologies mentioned in this article in a comprehensive solution.

Implementing the Modern Workspace is a first and fundamental step in the transformation of a company. On the basis of a solid cloud work platform, organizations will be able to digitize their business processes. Enrique Valdez

Founding Partner

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