Kanban Boards and 4 Benefits of implementing them in your company
4 benefits why companies of all sizes should evaluate Kanban Boards in the cloud to work collaboratively and increase their productivity and agility.

Do you know what a Kanban Board is? Have you ever had to coordinate team work and you don’t know which tool to use to manage activities? In your company you use different tools to manage tasks, but they are complicated or don’t adapt to your needs? Then Kanban Boards are for you. In this article we will tell you about this powerful tool that will help you to better manage the workflow in your company and multiply your productivity. If you already know what Kanban Boards are and you would like to know how you can implement them in your company, we recommend you to read our Guide: How to implement Kanban Boards in your company where you can see an example of Kanban Boards and learn how to use them efficiently.

What is a Kanban Board

In organizations large and small, teams have various ways of organizing their projects and daily work. And while in some cases the work consists of individual tasks, activities usually require coordination among team members. Some teams use Excel task lists or shared electronic notes, while others use complex tools that record responsibilities, deadlines, task dependencies, and even costing elements. Examples of these tools are Microsoft Project and Smartsheet. As an alternative, with the evolution of agile frameworks, an innovative and simple way of managing team activities has emerged. It is the Kanban board, which incorporates concepts from the Kanban method, invented by Toyota engineer Taiichi Ohno to optimize manufacturing processes. This system allows you to manage tasks visually by means of boards of cards that represent tasks. Now that you know what it is, let’s see what its benefits are, and how this tool can help you multiply productivity in your company.

Main Benefits of using Kanban Boards

These tools allow you to manage projects or initiatives in a visual way by means of card boards that represent tasks.

The main benefits of using Kanban boards are:

Simple visualization of work and progress:

The ability to view and graphically update a dashboard generates motivation, a sense of teamwork, and healthy competition among collaborators as cards move between columns and change status.

Access from anywhere and at any time:

With Kanban boards in the cloud, team members can review and update their activities at any time and from any device, while supervisors or managers can visualize the status of projects for decision-making that requires real-time progress knowledge.

Encourages creativity and the proposal of ideas:

Employees can easily record ideas while performing their activities, to be considered in future planning. This allows the company to make the most of its employees’ knowledge.

Promotes active collaboration:

Workers can add comments on each task or subtask at each step of the execution, which are shared with other team members, or even with management. In this way, a collaborative and highly productive environment is achieved, and assistance can even be obtained from subject matter experts. In summary, Kanban boards are a very effective and flexible way to organize teamwork, allowing companies to manage their projects, tasks or initiatives in a productive way, and using modern methods. Now you know everything you need to know about this powerful tool, are you ready to implement Kanban Boards in your company and start enjoying its benefits?

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