One of the worst web vulnerabilities: Directory Listing
Directory content listing, also known as directory listing or directory browsing, is an extremely critical security flaw in a website.

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This vulnerability exposes the internal structure of the website to anyone and allows potential attackers to obtain sensitive information, severely compromising the security of the site. When directory contents listing is enabled without restrictions, any individual can browse and discover sensitive files, such as backups, configuration files and even passwords stored in plain text. This information can be used by attackers to perform malicious actions, such as stealing valuable data. The seriousness of this vulnerability lies in the risk of an attacker gaining unauthorized access to critical information and compromising the integrity and confidentiality of what is stored on the website. In addition to the security dangers, unrestricted directory content listing also negatively affects user experience and search engine optimization (SEO), and in particular, search engines may index and display sensitive company files and folders in search results, further increasing the risk of exposure and compromising the organization’s reputation. To prevent the problems associated with unrestricted directory content listing on a web site, it is essential to disable this functionality on the web server or hosting service where the web page is located.

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