The negative impact of broken links (404 errors) on a website
Broken links, also known as 404 errors, are a common problem on websites and can have a negative impact on both users and site owners.

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The main drawback of broken links is that they create a bad user experience. When a visitor encounters a 404 error, they may feel frustrated, confused or even abandon the site altogether. This can have a negative impact on the organization’s reputation. In addition, search engines such as Google penalize sites with too many broken links, which can affect their ranking in search results. Another problem with broken links is that they can make it difficult for search engines to index the site properly. When search engines find broken links they cannot crawl and index the linked pages. This means that relevant content may be hidden from search engines and therefore negatively affect the visibility of the website in search results. To solve the problem of broken links, it is important to perform a regular website audit. If your website presents this problem, you can hire NeoCompute to comprehensively manage your WordPress-based website and not worry about these problems.

Maintaining a consistent URL structure and ensuring that all links are active and working properly improves the user experience and optimizes the site’s visibility in search engines.

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