Webinar: How an agro-exporting company should articulate its web presence
Learn the 5 key points of effective web presence in an agroexport company to reach potential customers and international investors.

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Producers, processors, traders, agro-exporters and associations of the Peruvian sector that are interested in managing a web presence.


Know the key points for an effective web presence and be able to provide information to potential customers and investors that allow you to do business around the world. Take the next step from social networks to a successful online store, multiply and scale your sales through digital media. Identify the main aspects to prioritize in your digital investment and know the main benefits that a website gives to your company.


Key points for an effective web presence

  • Context: Why a web presence matters
  • Conveying confidence
  • Doing business with international customers
  • Provide information to potential customers or investors
  • Complementary capabilities
  • Manage the technical management of the web presence

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Fernando Covecino
Founding Partner

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